2023 Topps Chrome Star Wars Hobby Box

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  • 4 cards per pack.
  • 24 packs per box.

Find 1 autographed card per box on average

Find and collect all your favorite characters from across the galaxy, now in Chrome!

Look for 100 character cards to collect, inserts, autographs and more!

One autograph guaranteed per box! Look out for unique sketch cards!


100 cards featuring characters from the Star Wars galaxy!
Parallels include:
 Rainbow Refractor (1:2 packs)
 Aqua Refractor (numbered to 199)
 Blue Refractor (numbered to 150)
 Green Refractor (numbered to 99)
 Gold Refractor (numbered to 50)
 Orange Refractor (numbered to 25)
 Red Refractor (numbered to 5)
 Superfractor (numbered 1/1)
 Printing Plates